Hey man, look at her butt!
It looks like tasty peach.
I really like girls who have fluffy-butts, u know?
Yeah?! Hi five, Bro!
Аnd try tobacco Double Peach Bitch.
And I just wanna get this babe.


That tobacco it’s my favorite one, Bro.
But you should be ready that you will feel something fresh and cold in your thin white ass!
Ha-ha! Yeah, Bro!
I’m not that guy who … mmm if you know what I mean… but I like that feel.
It’s really help me when I had a bad day, u know.
If something can be in our asses it would be ICE.


When I was at college one dude average
a coolest party in his house. And also he invited girls from high classes.
Yes,chiks were awesome.
Alcogol was everywhere, man!!!
And we get drunk so fast.
Someone of us what to swim in the pool, someone went to the 2nd floor.
Dat guy, who invited all of us has paied special attention to one of chicks – Kylie.
He overestimated his strength and getting f*cking nutz after tequila.
Kylie was blessed by God, cause for her happiness that dude fell asleep, and she came to the pool.When we all returned, we found him on the couch and sucking an empty bottle of coke. He did it so actively that even the undergraduates envied him.
This video was the most popular among college
as well as tobacco
Suck my bottle.


Six months ago, my Bro invited me
to go to Amsterdam for the ultratestiest
and huge palm sized DUDE,PALM SIZED!
Wee ... Well, you understand me!
After using and having tried the local stuff we went to a nearby pub.
There we immediately picked up two asian sisters. Do You like asian girls?)
I don’ t remember the name of ma girl, but babe which called Mango me and my bro will remember for a long time. My dirty friend and his new girlfriend locked themselves in the toilet, but after about 5 minutes he ran out with a piece of shell which hooked to his hand by handcuffs and I realized that we need to go out. Hah man, listen ha-ha ​​... his girlfriend Mango was not a girl for real. She was a man!
Man who wants to teach my bro how to doggie. Wahaha! I’m not kidding you, bro! Europe is strange, dude! Always when I smoke this tobacco I remember this story and start to laughing as much as Mango wants to get my Bro.


Hey, I have a question!
Are you prefer milfs or young girls?
One chum told me this story.
One day he worked as a pizza deliveryman just for fun.
It was an evening and also it was his the last order.
The door was opened by a juicy Mami, which left him only by midnight! And instead of money for pizza, he brought from she a huge pie. He grabbed two pies in one night, man! Ha-ha
The cake was all right.
I’m talk about homemade pie. It’s smells pretty good.
I have never eaten such ones before, but I have done tobacco with the same taste.
Yes, just try it. Oh, stop. Are you generally on pies or hot dogs? I ask you cause you didn’t really laugh when I told u about Mango. Hm…


Hey, tell me, do you like to ruffle sometimes?
Come on! Okay, don’t tell me nothing. You really looks like mother’s rowdy!
Eh, I remember how at the beginning of 00’s we did mad things. You can’t even imagine it, bro. It was f*cking awesome. Do you know why Liam
doesn’t have a left little finger?

br> He was bitten off by the narrow-eyed kid, when he played basketball in the Chinatown. These yellows are mad, I promise you!
And somehow once a seller in a fruit bar owes us money for ... hm, especially it doesn’t matter. And we wanted to show him a lesson. We hijacked his van. Everything should be all right, if we weren’t fit into the nearest fireplug, and there were no cops behind us.
All the fruits that were in the van became smoothie and we were completely in this slurry.
Liam from added his own slurry, meh! At the police station we were absolutely in this fruit shit! Our clothes, shoes, everything!
We were nicknamed Fruit Rampagers. I think that it was giving too much blue and I was pushing the cop to call us just-Rampage. But he didn’t want to talk with us. This old f*cking donkey didn’t agreed with us. But I really liked the word. Cool sounds, right?
R-R-RAMPAGE! That's why I called this tobacco by this way. That smell reminds me of that f*cking incident from which I have only positive emotions. Oh, I want to return that time ...
Try it!


Did you see him?
What’s he doing? Look! Ha-ha
But he looks nice, I like his leopard scarf. And music is not bad… bam-bam pan-pineapple-apple… Shit!
The most annoying song ever, man! It Will Get STUCK In Your Head. I guess what he smokes every day, you want some? :)


I'll tell you a sad sad story, Bro. I had a mami, which eventually went to another guy, but that's not the point. She smells like sex… Actually you can’t imagine it… some parts of my body instantly stoned You know what I mean…) I think this bitch mixed something in her perfume... it Smelled like crisp green Apple in the dew...mmm....even when I talk about it, my lil pip in my pants growing up. Some Thais witch had the van with fruits and vegetables usually staying near my house. After basket decided to go there, to buy some fruits. So, half of the van was covered with these green apples. Dude, I don't know about you, but sometimes I can’t control my black Mamba in my pants. So he can Wake up at any moment. This moment was no exception. Anyway, my ex developed this reflex in me .Yes, everytime when I smell apples, I have stonner. I said that. Are you Happy? Poor Thais so precipitated from this situation that now the nearest shop with vegetables in two stops from me. What a fuck they imagines itself these yellows. Unfortunately, this was the last time I found such fragrant apples, so I stirred up the tobacco
with such a smell to periodically indulge them. Put your pants back on and get it.


Ha ha! Do you know what I remember? 10 years ago, laughing over some film about a guy who came to the States from Pakistan. No, not from Pakistan ... Oh, I remember! Kazakistan. You know, it's part of China or Russia. I don't remember. There's a trash, check it. You saw my friend Adil, right? That son of bitch from this country too! Fuck, I always thought he just has problem with eyes. LOL! Anyway, recently he came to me and we decided to drink tea, because there was nothing in frige. So this pervert took the milk and put it in a Cup of tea? Can you imagine? I told him "Bro, are you kidding me? Or may be you want us to sit on the bathroom for the rest of our lives?" He calmed me down and said that how they drink tea in his country. Well, I did try this shit. And the milk tea was very very unusual and cool. Well, you know, I often live by the memories and connect tobacco with some events of my life. And here not go off without sentimentality. I made tobacco flavored tea with milk. To remember my Kazakh friend. By the way, he taught me a word in their language, but I remember only the last – BASS. Well, compare a picture from the film and this last syllable is turned
Smoke them only with high-quality music.


I met here recently with a black candy. To fully understand her roots, kind of dark, but not very much, the skin has a more red hue. But she got ass like black! Meeh After a long communication in the messangers she date me. And here I think " Yes! Jesus ' ears! I hit the jackpot." I was really happy when I learned that it still will be with friend. Booooy, you can't imagine that I have going on in my mind and what plots I think for tonight the three of us. I came to visit her, she opens the door in a short red dress, which further emphasized her skin tone and this delicious ass. We went into the hall and in the hall I saw... I saw... a painted bearded guy wearing the same dress. I thought girls got gay friends just in movies. Why usually it happens with me? So it turned out that they are both vegans, so for meal we have got berries. In the end, the whole evening I sat and listened the giggles this lumberjack in a dress and talks about his "girlish" problems to less listen to it I leaned on the berries, the combination of which I liked and I decided to replicate this taste in tobacco
Even though somewhere in my, and your, brother, life will be a Threesome!


Everyone in my College knew that if you wanna to get some stuff quick, u can ask me about it. Someone let the gossip that I start to deal some mega-killing potion, and chiks from high courses interested about it. You know, it seems like everybody in College or high school had these club Chicks who have rich parents and they've been hanging out just about everywhere since they were little. I never liked them and I decided to kick them. In fact, I have no idea about why they think that a have something , but to prank over stupid chickens would be cool. But I didn’t know how to mix aporetic. Had to take advantage of improvised means. My sister had flowers and I took pollen and put some honey to this. But the main ingredient was that I also peed in every bag with this mash. Work hard play hard, bitches! Anyway they would checked prank, but I would have some fun and this is cool! Well! The price of pollen, honey and my author's product was 10 $ for a bag. Exchange occurred. I don’t wanna tell you details I'll just say it was a lot of fun. My youth. I still remember it with a smile o my face. To better recall, I smoke
which is made from the same ingredients. Well, almost one of those...But if you want me to pee you the package to you with the greatest accuracy inspired me and sense those clubbers… Just say me about it .


One day I was hanging out with the Mexicans and I had tequila. I lost count after 4 shots. In the morning I woke up dip in the pool in one sambrero. The middle of autumn, our region can not always boast a low temperature at this time, and I feel myself very bad, man! I'm not one to rush to doctors or stuff himself with peels. And then as luck would have called my grandmother and hearing my voice, she rolled with a bunch of bags. And it turned out not for good reason! By evening I started raving and hallucinating, I even began to suspect my granny, but not if she slipped me something out of cans that were standing in my room) I'll never forget one visual. Bro, I swear to you, the picture was alive! Do you know these Indian gods who have a lot of hands and heads? My grandmother was exactly the same! She had 6 hands and the same number of heads. To say that I almost peed myself - to say nothing. So, grandma handed me one of his hands and gave me to drink some strange, but very tasty and fragrant spices tea, after which I felt much better and kind of like heads and hands, she became less. I still can't figure out what it was... a dream or a grandmother really put something interesting my tea ( cause that’s my Granny). But in the morning she made the same tea, the taste of which I will never forget. Because I have kept and transferred to tobacco, which I called


I can't brag about my skill in cooking, I usually order Chinese food in boxes to home, or me and my homies often drop into the Mandy's Chicken World and hit the with buckets full of stripes. But there is I have one a prescription, which is done on hastily formulated and always not will leave you and your little brothers hungry. It's just like your ex's bean password. You need to take marshmallow, heat it up in the microwave to the temperature of the lava, you sprinkle hazelnuts on top of this mass. Don't mess with the dog food! Cause I also had this situation. Two ingredients bring the buzz to your receptors just as a million size. I think that you would fuck up to repeat it! Therefore, I save you from unnecessary fuss and offer to smoke Shisha


When I was young , we hung all day in the yard with the boys. In the childhood often happens awkward shots. My childhood was no exception. Through 3 houses from mine lived a man witch older than me about 20 years. His name was, Oshia. He hadn’t front teeth, and the fangs stuck out like a vampire. He always wear a t-shirt he'd never changed. He looks ugly, but he was funny. Sometimes when Oshia could go out stupidly in a t-shirt and sneakers. And mother of God, I still can't forget the picture of his big dick dangling from side to side and going to hurt somebody! He had his own joke: He lowered his pants, sat on a slatted bench near the courts, called who that joke haven't chattered away and said, "Hey, kid, I bet you 5 $ that this bench is growing kiwi?" Every child knew that kiwi could not grow from the bench. This is nonsense and could disrupt easy money for candy! And looked under the bench and ran into his brown hairy balls like a kiwi. I hate kiwi since those time. But the flavor is very nice and sometimes I indulge myself with tobacco
does not allow to forget me of my fun childhood .


Do you remember about my bro Cliff? So, he got married a couple years ago on a chick he's been Dating since College. Nasty bitch, often breaks our plans. We call her the vulture because her little head always blushes when she yells at the Cliff and she's been spitting out his whole brain. Then I was sitting the crowd can’t remember anyone like this psycho told Cliff to go home. Before that he came back from the store and came to. I noticed in one of the packages the green grapes that his wife was always eating. And decided to make something bat for her) The package of grapes I put those beads that men get out from girl’s ass in the movies that you watch until there is no one at home. Ahead of the question of where I got them. All I'm saying is, it's a Christmas present from my same twisted cousin. All this time I had them in the car and all of a sudden, their hour has come. And I was very lucky that they were green, just like grapes. So Cliff noticed this mistake only when Sean put him on these beads in the face. He has long walked with the imprint on his face from my joke. But for even longer he did not go to us. Cliff, if you're reading this, please remember that this tobacco I made with love for you. I hope you'll ever get your balls together and keep yours safe so she'll calm down. But in the meantime let yourself to smoke


Guava, Guava, Guava… Do you like experiments? I'm not talking about those experiments when you put your worm in a vacuum tube or you smeared your eggs with cream and let your dog lick them. I'm talking about experiments with food. One time, me and my brothers came to Eddie. His girl became herbivores. Well veganity, vaginati....vegetarians. But it not so bad cause I like fruits. But the crispy nuggets.. it’s real love. That night I first tasted guava. Everyone had a piece to understand what it is. This fruit was really cool. And not only me think like that. Fucking Sean ate two whole pieces and his hands, and most importantly, the lips inflated to piss himrself from laughing when she noticed it. The dude was allergic to exotic. His lips were bright pink and occupied 60 percent of his face. And when he tried to say something, his drool dripping down his pants and his shirt. We just blew up the snapchat that night. The most popular video was where we shot first near Sean's lip. They are just exactly resembled pussy some youngsters, the current lead singer of the punk rock group. We could get someone in chat roulette if not for the Sean’s black tendrils . This case has emboldened me to craft another top fruity shisha . Let the poor Shawn can indulge in the forbidden fruit. I even came up with a name in honor of him


Do you remember your nickname when you were 17 y.o? I looking at you and think that you were: Cock, Gravy or maybe Wet? There was a guy in our company who always liked to embellish everything. Dude hung so much noodles on the ears that it could feed all my relatives in Africa. He caught that in his 17 he dated one yummy chick. Of course no one believed him, and I was lucky that my sister was her friend. Bitch was mad about it. She decided to give him a lesson. The plan was for her to have a conversation with him and set up a date. After it they would go to her house "for a Cup of coffee… That dickhead got hooked on a point when that chick wrote him, but Holy Mary, soon everybody knew about it. And when they came to her, she left him alone in the room , and went to another room. After some time in the doorway is a juicy babe turned out to be a cute dog named Feijoa, which weighed 100 kl, no less. At the command of the mistress he decided to take the guest out of the house, and cut him a piece of ass. That's how it really was. But the boy was not taken aback and told everyone that this trace he left that chick in a fit of passion. But we know the truth. Since that day, we have nicknamed him the king sex, that is,


Lichee, lichee, lichee... Do you know a that shit where someone learn to kiss on tomatoes? Okay. How often do you liking your girlfriend’s pi? Well, teasing her bean, make her a kitty wet? Where did you learn to do it? I remember that when we were young and inexperienced I saw in search of Сliff’s google request " how to learn to do cunnilingus at lichee.". I didn’t answer him why he searching it and why it was f*cking lichee? But now, I've grown up, I've become experienced, but that childhood with the lichee does not allow me to take this fruit seriously. And I think just it’s direct duty to protect from excess our healthy young generation, whose psyche so shattered due to new school rap. I’m glad to show you my masterpiece -
Raise them heartily with Bros, and don’t make bullshit on internet. Cliff, I'm sorry I couldn't keep quiet about this.


Do you remember what you peed on as a child, and who came to you in nightmares? I scared bt Freddy Krueger. Ugh...I still remember how we whatching that movie with my sister secretly from parents. After watching the film I haven't slept in a week, maybe more. I always saw the shadows of his hat or his claws. And the most insulting thing here is that no one will call for help, because relatives forbade us to watch it. But curiosity was above all and so we looked at more than a dozen horror movies. Even as we got older, the love of horror movies remained. One day, my cousin Bill and his aunt from South Carolina came to our hous for weekend. And we with the sister have decided him to arrange an evening with horror films. Boy might have thought that there will be another movie format, but by that time we haven't dug up the tapes of his father in the garage. It was silence of the Lambs with Hannibal Lecter. The scearest film, but I was immune to such a sight by then, and I was more interested in watching than scared. But my brother was impressed! You should have seen that face. I even was scared for him, when his lips became white from brown, but cowards, afraid of the opposite. The scene of eating brains remained in his memory for a long time. After the movie, my sister went to the kitchen to make us cocoa and didn't came back for a long time. A few minutes later we followed her. We went to the kitchen, where only the average light was turned on. Bill walked ahead. The house was silent. A couple of steps and she sream hysterically that I did not even have time to understand anything and ran back into the room. It turns out that my sister decided we prononuce and scattered on the floor of the raspberries, which came the Bill. And she lay on the floor and smeared crimson juice. Just imagine, a soft, cool, slippery raspberry. In the night, I won't tell you where the raspberries are and where the piece of brain Hannibal ate! Kid Bill was very impressionable that pooped in his pants from fright. Either from the picture of raspberries, or from the fact that our mothers were already coming down the stairs to give us a good pounding. Many years have passed since then, but I remember this smell... unfortunately, not only raspberries, but Bill. As you remember, I collect and make only the top, so catch the buzz from this sweet, sneaking to the brain, raspberry DAFAQBERRY, and one pack I already sent Bill. I'm waiting for a response, though after what I just gave you his little liquid secret our communication is unlikely to continue.

Dirty P

This story is about the last time I saw cliff. His phone is turned off and on a Facebook he was online about 2 weeks. I can't go to his home to him after everything that's happened. Otherwise his battered wife will make me disappear, too. Every 5 years, we have celebrate the anniversary of our friendship with guys. This tradition we have since College and no one has ever broken it. For years much has changed, happened and shit and any trash. For example, Cliff with his wife, but now not about it. My bros and I were always together that day. Many have already married, Cliff even made a funny little girl. And his wife is so nasty that she decided to give birth in the date of our anniversary of friendship. So on this day, Cliff was always late. This year the baby was 5 years old and his wife put an ultimatum: to be all day and evening at home, because her relatives will come. To argue with this bitch we decided to combine these two holidays into one and celebrated it with the children in the backyard. She didn't like it, of course, and I thought I'd come back covered in holes from her boring eyes. We bought burgers for grill, barbecue ribs, and kebabs. And on the booze I took a few bottles of something (i really don't know what the hell is this) from one of the bartender. The color of it was like the tea from the store, so everything was grabbed and no one would have burned us that we whip at a children's birthday party. Celebration began! We were divided into two parts. The birthday table and the table of us. Only poor Cliff was running from side to side. After frying the meat, we decided to drink. Cliff brought bottles for us from the fridge. We spilled it in glasses and... It was peach tea. Sweet peach tea! And here I understand all situation, I look at a children's table, and behind it children don't sit any more. Half of them lie and sleep under the table, the other breaks away to the music. "We were swollen children" - I said and rushed to change their bottles to ours. The funny thing is that the children were left with the father of Cliff's wife , who also had time to get drunk "tea" and did not even find alcohol in it. And then the music turns on, there are relatives and a wife with a cake and a candle. They carry it to the little boo. But her mother's mind worked well. She has read all of our individuals and how children's table smelled sportages. Cake flew at us, knives and forks too. Without missing a moment, I filled it with a glass of peach tea and the cake I was wearing. Well, let her cooler. After a few moments we and the bros left this dirty party with a blast of a bitch, but the Cliff remained. Peach tea, by the way, is very good! You need to try it! DIRTY P in memory of this dangerous event. Sit, smoke and think about Cliff.I hope heis alive.

Post Melone

All tastes are different, but personally I love when babies have not only juicy peachy ass but have two ripe melons.You know. Who needs skinny girls that are about to break in the wind? I had one of yummiest. It would be more accurate to say that it was not really me, but the old men who lives next door. I don't know why she lived whith him, but in my opinion it was always that she clearly wants me, even though we never had a spoke. Every morning I started with a run. From her run. I watched as she runing circles around the houses in her yellow suit and somehow kept not to play with my panties boy in these moments. Yes, it's a hot summer, I remember that. I even bought a yellow melon at walmart and crashed into them, presenting both slam into her balls. Once again,i got melons from my car by the track Rockstar, and I hear her voice. She looked at my purchase and said with an accent that I am Post Melone. I thought that we can get to know better each other when the cops and the ambulance surrounded their house that night. Grandpa is died. I thought that this miss melon must have fucked him to death. Here I was even glad, because in his place might be me(no, I would be glad to die such a death). I have never seen her since this night, and there are other people living in this house. But periodically, in the morning I score myself Post Melone, close my eyes and see those same melons in a yellow suit.

Number One

I have a girlfriend, we are in friendship with her for 3 years. Well, we don't have a sex! She is as ugly as my life: her biceps are so racked that she could pop your head like a grape. I'm sure that in addition to pussy she has already grown eggs from how she curses. Besides, she's also a lesbian. Recently we had a drink and do sorts of mental conversations. Naturally, I asked her why she went over to the wet hole lovers. All it turned out on so much stupidly, as in movie! In high school, in the most vile period of puberty, she likes the main Rugby player and he was handsome. Eventually, they met at a party where he got really drunk. And my friend not one of those who snaps his beak! She locked door in the room with him. After kissing she tryed to find something on his panties, but unfortinatly it was a littlle worm 10 cm. Girl's psyche broke at this moment. I thought that lil D only possible on yellow guys. They even have bananas the size of a finger! She didn't said his name, let named him as Number one. Dude, I hope you got a better and bigger thing now. In any case, you can be proud, because in honor of you, I developed an awesome tobacco with banana flavour.


Yo, man! If you remember the story about Mango , you've known me for a long time. Let me a hug. And of course, you know I'm a magnet for all of ridiculous situation. But anyway I love my life. Do you remember any story which started with tequila and ended and without incident? I’m not and my years keep going, and my heart can stop for a moment on another bullshit events. But I fucking love tequila!
And found a way out of this situation -
Mister Margarita.
First of all, it's delicious. Secondly, it refreshing me. Third, there's tequila, and fourth, you won't have a hangover or shame in the morning. And I came to this, when after a dozen shots I came to a chick at the bar and grabbed a powerful slap. Turns out there was a travesty show that night and I pinched one of the stars’s asses. I certainly noticed that that babe is large, but then I decided that I am not a slug! Even though this guy is wearing women's clothes, after his punch my left eye started to see normally just recently. But anyway I like his reaction. Who knows what would have ended this evening if he was glad to me. My eye is already healed, but my ass and reputation might not…


If you had a superpower which one would you choose? While you're thinking ( and I'm sure you would choose x-ray vision to shoot at Schoolgirls) I'll tell you about the man whose name I don't remember. It was a long time ago, in College prom. We threw a Grand party for the whole city. We prepare for it for 2 months. I didn't know a half the people who were there. It was a huge nest of debauchery, where everyone came off as he could. I was so drunk, and unfortunately I didn’t remember so much as I wanted. But this story with the pool was discussed for a long time. Party was hot, and everyone want to dive into the pool and hang out there. Among them were the dude. After a party we called him X-berry. X - because nobody knows him and he had a superpower, to which we will return. At some point in the pool starts hubhub, I didn’t immediately understand what was going on as drew attention to the blue, rapidly approaching me spot. It turned out that the damn fine propel blueberry shots and started to puke in the pool. And most importantly, not all of it is immediately noticed and continued to swim. It took 20 seconds, as the pool became empty, was visible only geyser that bubbled up under the water. Dude had to be saved. But who wants to swim in smoothie from puke and berries. For safety reasons, I won't give you the name of the lifeguard. Yeah, okay, it was Cliff. Bastard which pretending to be good. Still, we called him the barf Baron for a year. And X-berry was blue as we save him from the pool. Well, it wasn't just him who was blue, there were all of who got out of the water the last. After the incident,
as a real super hero quietly left the party and probably out of town. Because nobody saw him after that. But this story remained in the memory of many people, and only me immortalized it in tobacco.